Vaginal Probe Electrode for TENS / EMS / E-Stim Devices V3

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The Erotistim V-3 probe for electrosex & e-stim devices (not included) gives deep, sensual stimulation that is as mild or as wild as you want it to be.

It is also fantastic for pelvic floor exercise and powered kegel stimulation!

Made from medical grade stainless steel and bio-plastic, it connects to your stimulation device (not included) for electro-stimulation. It has standard 2mm pin connectors.

• Made from medical grade stainless steel and bio-plastic.
• Instructions Included.
• Tapered end for easy insertion.
• Width: 3.3cm. Thickness: 2cm
• Usable Depth: 7cm (to top of handle.)
• Length: 9.5cm to base of handle.
• Connects to standard 2mm pin connectors.


Electrode Connector :
2mm Pin Connector


Got this for fun but realized it was a kegal exercizer now I'm in love!
Exactly as advertised and it does indeed work.
Wife says it is really working to help with incontinence and the other side effects of using it are a major plus.
Works well. It is the same as the overpriced kegal/pelvic floor machines available and marketed. Buy a Tens unit and this probe and it will save you over $100 and do the same thing.
Not knowing exactly what to expect. I've had 2 children. Everything A-OK downstairs. I don't struggle with incontinence. Buuuut now ladies we all could use a little work in the kegel area as we age. No shame. Anyways.. it works amazingly. I've had it less than a week. I wouldn't turn it on until it's inserted because it can zap you in your tender areas slightly. Once you put it to a comfortable setting like 2 max I'd say.. it works so well. You can literally feel your muscles at work pulling and flexing. The size of it is perfect, not too big. Mind you, some ladies have been posting they are buying for pleasure and it's too small. I don't see it as such a device for that type of play. I think this is exactly what I was looking for to get that extra pep in my step. Yes, there isn't directions with it. And honestly, how could it? People are using it on all kinds of different devices. Just adjust to your liking and don't forget some KY water base gel with it, helps the connector work it's magic properly. You must must buy!
Arrived early. Great service! Great product. My girlfriend loves it!!!!!!
Great product they should make a larger 2nd size.
Perfect replacement for older pelvic floor exerciser.
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