Anal Probe Electrode for TENS / EMS / E-Stim Devices - A2

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A uniquely shaped anal probe for Tens / E-Stim devices with dual electrode panels.  It is intended to be used anally but can be used vaginally if a smaller probe is desired..

Made from medical grade stainless steel and bio-plastic, it connects to your Tens / E-stim devices for electro-stimulation.

This probe has standard 2mm pin connectors.

• Tapered end for easy insertion.
• Narrow shape at base for reliable retention
• Unique handle for easy removal.
• Diameter: 24mm at widest point 
• Depth: 44mm to top of handle
• Length: 86mm to base of handle
• Made from medical grade stainless steel and bio-plastic 

Note:  If your TENS device normally uses the snap style connectors, you will need to purchase new lead wires that use the 2mm pin style connector.   

If you need new lead wires, be sure to choose the correct plug size for your TENS / EMS device.


Electrode Connector :
2mm Pin Connector


It's everything I was hoping it would be. My girlfriend really likes it too.
The shape makes this probe very easy to use. I find it very effective.
It works great. The size and shape are perfect.
Well made and high quality. I highly recommend.
I can move around while using this probe without any worries that it will come out. The ring makes it very easy to insert and remove.
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