Omron Compatible Electrodes

I bought the XL pads and they are fantastic. Much stickier than the OEM pads. Not quite as long lasting, but close and for a fraction of the cost.
I just wanted to express my gratitude for this company. Not only are the prices awesome, but the quality of the products is wonderful. I have had back pain for over 10 years and have used omron products for most of that time. To be able to purchase what I need and have it sent quickly was great!
I just received my order in the mail today, and they are better quality than originally came with my Omron tens unit. I am going to recommend this company to my friends.
These pads work perfectly with my Omron Pro. They stick really well and can be used many times. Plus they are much cheaper than the Omron brand electrodes!
Very nice alternative to the pricey name brand pads.
These work well. They are just a little smaller than the normal omron electrodes I buy. But it doesn't seem to make a difference in how they work.
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