TENS Conductive Garments (Gloves, Socks, Foot Massagers, etc.)

Electrode garments are not meant to be worn like clothing.  Because of the silver fibers woven into them, they are very delicate.  Use them for the treatment and then store them safely.  

Be careful not to snag them or overly stretch the material. 

Use extra caution when removing the lead wires from the garments. 

Basic use instructions

  1. Lightly spray the electrode garment with water or electrode spray.  It should feel damp, but not dripping wet. They need to be damp to improve current flow and work both effectively and comfortably.
  2. Remove any jewelry
  3. Thoroughly wash your skin in the treatment area to remove any sweat, oils, lotions, etc.
  4. Turn your TENS device off while putting on or removing the garment.
  5. Either use two electrode garments, or use one garment (i.e. one glove or one sock) and a self-adhesive electrode pad to complete the circuit.  The electrode pad should be near but not touching the garment. 

Cleaning instructions

To clean the garment, carefully wash with a mild detergent in warm water.  Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry. Do not wring out the garment.


Always return the garment to the plastic / poly bag provided, after use.  Do not leave in humid conditions and store in a dry safe area.


  • The garment is not sterile.
  • Keep your TENS unit dry and away from any heat source.
  • Never connect to high frequency surgical device.
  • This device is for short term use only.
  • Do not apply to broken skin.  Should skin rash occur, discontinue use and contact your doctor.   Do not stimulate while driving any vehicle, or operating any machinery.
  • Do not use the garment for electro-stimulation in suspected or known cases of any muscle disorder, have or had epilepsy, persons with pacemaker implant or weak heart or when pregnant.
  • The stimulator and connecting lead wires used with this garment must be in compliance with the related standards.

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