Omron Compatible Electrodes

Omron electrode pads - Omron compatible electrodesOur premium-quality Omron Replacement electrodes are compatible only with Omron brand TENS devices which use a smaller sized snap connector than most digital TENS units.

These Omron TENS pads are just as durable and effective as the factory made electrode pads, at a fraction of the price!

Our Omron Electrode Pads measure 3.23" (8.2 cm) by 1.89" (4.8 cm) (not including the tab) and have a thick, reusable, fiber reinforced hydrogel layer with medical grade non-woven material backing. They are self-adhesive, very flexible, and do not require additional creams or gels.

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$39.95 $21.95
Premium-Quality Omron compatible TENS Electrode Pads. Five pair (ten pads) Omron electrode pads for Omron TENS devices which measure 3.23" (8.2 cm) by 1.89"...

$44.95 $26.95
Premium-Quality XL Omron compatible Electrode Pads.  Five pair (ten pads) XL Omron compatible replacement electrode pads which measure 6 cm (2.3...


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