TENS Foot Massagers (Slippers)

Key Points:

The foot massagers can use a standard 3.5mm snap connector (very common with digital tens units) or a standard 2mm pin connector.

They only come in one size and aren't meant to be worn or walked in.  You only rest your foot on them making good contact with the four electrode disks on each sandal.   Even if your foot is much bigger than the sandal it will still work perfectly.  Just ensure that you are making good contact with the disks


The electrode disks on the foot massagers (see image below) need a conductor to ensure consistant and comfortable current flow.  You can use water, aloe vera gel, etc.   It makes a very big difference in how well the foot massagers work and how they feel when you use them!


Instructions for use:

  1. Add a conductor to the electrode disks on the sandals
  2. Place your bare feet (has to make contact with your skin) on the sandals.
  3. Plug the sandals into your TENS device and turn it on.
  4. Adjust the settings to your comfort.
    Note: The sandals will require more power than you would normally use for self-adhesive electrodes.


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